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Founded in 2017 in Barcelona, GRAPE Menswear combines elegance, style, quality and sustainability involved throughout the design process (cutting, garment design itself, and prints).

They use first quality materials so that their garments have great durability, and thus reduce the production of waste derived from the low quality fashion that forces us to have to renew our garments too often; with prints that do not contain toxic substances or additives, and tissues certified by GOTS.‍‍‍‍‍‍

This not only ensures that the garments are made with fibers, at least 70% organic, but also supports compliance with social criteria regarding the working conditions of workers.‍‍‍

In addition, they support local trade by producing in nearby workshops, which also helps to reduce CO2 emissions and other polluting gases derived from transport. A highlight for the brand, as well, is that they are working with ethical banking to ensure that their ‍‍‍economic activity does not generate bad practices in any point of the chain‍‍‍. 

His inspiration comes from the same animal that represents his logo. An animal capable of combining shapes and colors in the most elegant way in tune with nature. That's why the names of their shirts (their specialty) are small tributes to the Anas bird genre.

Seeing these garments and others from their collection you can immediately appreciate their passion for creating a distinctive, elegant and at the same time sustainable brand. Furthermore, the fact of choosing the highest quality and certified materials, as well as taking care of the rhythms and bases of the production process has no commercial purpose: they do it because, just like us, they consider it the right thing to do.

‍‍‍‍‍‍In short, one of the best brands I've ever met!‍‍‍

Although their specialty are the shirts, they have impressive garments such as the Printed Linen Suit Jacket, in a neutral color such as gray, which in turn stands out for its elegant print and is easy to combine with any other color. A good example is the Branta shirt (100% cotton) as it also has an elegant pattern and seems to follow the lines of the jacket, thus providing a more vivid color to the combination.

On their‍‍‍ website you can find other garments with a more sporty touch such as t-shirts made of cotton.‍‍‍

On the other hand, I will talk about the Red Fishes T-shirt that combines red with white drawing minimalist lines at the same time as striking, which form fishes and hence its name. I've also tried the B&W jacket, a two-tone jacket (black and mottled gray) that keeps some original prints inside; in this way it can be used completely closed for a more conventional look or leave it unbuttoned to let you glimpse that characteristic print that defines the brand so well.‍‍‍

GRAPE Menswear


GRAPE Menswear: Quality, elegance‍‍‍ and style, while being sustainable.‍‍‍


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The intention behind our brand is clear: to offer style and elegance for the daily life of man in a perfect symbiosis between the formal and the informal, while we commit ourselves socially and environmentally.‍‍‍


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T-shirt: Red Fishes

Jackets: Printed linen Suit Jacket‍‍‍, ‍‍‍B&W Jacket

Shirts‍‍‍: Torgos, Cristata, Branta‍‍‍

T-shirt‍‍‍: Ship