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Today I want to tell you about a very particular brand. KnowledgeCotton Apparel origins come from the Danish city Herning, where in 1969 Jorgen Morup along with his father started in the fashion industry, with the idea of working in the sector in a sustainable manner. ‍‍‍

In the late '80s they started producing garments made of 100% organic cotton (which is now their main production engine together with other recycled and sustainable materials) and in 2008, Jorgen together with his son Mads founded the brand as we know it now: KnowledgeCotton Apparel.

This makes them a company with almost 50 years of family experience in which they work with certified manufacturers with whom they share the same principles and values to guarantee a special process reducing the impact on the earth, thus taking care of their resources.‍‍‍

For this brand, fashion not only tries to look good physically but also to do the right thing and feel good about it; promoting and producing sustainable products as natural as possible without neglecting good taste, quality and comfort.‍‍‍

A good example of its good practices is its vegan long raincoat made of 60% polyester and 40% polyurethane; It is created from plastic bottles that have been recycled and also certified by PETA (hence its title of vegan garment).‍‍‍

Pants: 8 Wales Corduroy Chinos, Chuck the Brain Flannel Twill Chino.

Che‍‍‍mise: Stretchable shirt.‍‍‍‍‍‍

Jacke‍‍‍ts: Cord shirt 8 Wales, Long Rain Coat, Suede hood.

Jack‍‍‍ets: Quilted jacket, Blue Rain Jacket.

Ch‍‍‍emise: Stretchable shirt.

Pants: Chuck the Brain Chinos Blue Indigo,‍‍‍ 8 Wales Corduroy Chinos.

As additional information I would like to inform you that they are working on clear objectives to further reduce their impact on the environment by decreasing the use of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers in 800,000 liters, recycling 4.5 million plastic bottles, converting them into polyester by 2020, and final goal; they want to neutralize 100% the use of carbon dioxide working with factories that work with renewable energies.

Its color combines perfectly with the Chuck The Brain Chinos, although these pants are of those "off-road" garments that thanks to its classic cut and its indigo color you can combine them perfectly with everything and use them for different occasions.

The 8 Wales jacket and trousers set is made (like the chinos mentioned above) with 100% organic cotton, which is why they have an OCS certificate; which verifies the amount of organic cotton used in the manufacture of the garments. It is very comfortable and perfect for the cold days that are to come for its corduroy fabric.

And speaking of cold; they have a Decadent Chokolade colored quilted jacket with a ribbed neck, cuffs and hem for a more sporty look; which is made of 100% recycled polyester. All their garments respond perfectly to their criteria and principles of manufacture maintaining the good taste without lowering the quality and they are very comfortable garments.

KnowledgeCotton Apparel


Almost 50 years of experienc‍‍‍e: Knowledge Cotton Apparel‍‍‍


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We feel it is our obligation to be in the forefront when it comes to new sustainable solutions, and truly believe that this is the only way forward. For all of us.


Mads Mørup