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According to UNEP, we can define the green economy as a development of the current economic model that aims to reduce environmental risks, ecological deficiencies or insufficiencies and the sustainable development of the economy without degrading ‍‍‍the environment -or natural capital-; not seeing the environmental sector as the scope to which externalities affect and incorporating it into the economy. Likewise, sustainability should not only be applied to the environmental pillar, but to improve human well-being, the development of social equity is necessary. ‍‍‍‍‍‍

Likewise, sustainability should not only be applied to the environmental pillar, but to improve human well-being, the development of social equity is necessary. In a simpler way, it can be specified as a type of economy "that generates low carbon emissions, that effectively uses resources and that is socially inclusive", and so it is based on premises of sustainable commitment to the ecological, socio-cultural and economic fields.

For that, we should take into account Monkee Genes, a company ‍‍‍that started the activity on 2006, launching a small denim collection to offer something fresh to an already saturated and disposable denim market. Creating eco jeans built to last, Phil Wildbore, the designer and owner of the company fights against the ‍‍ throwaway attitudes of the high street.

As part of their ethical fashion manifesto and mantra, Monkee Genes work hard to protect the people who make their clothes, working just with factories that provide safe working conditions and a decent living wage to their workers, which are regularly checked and supervised by the brand itself. ‘No slave labour, no child labour, no blood, no sweat, no tears’ is th‍‍‍eir mantra.

At Monkee Genes they work with nature, so they use organic cotton for the developing of their products. This organic cotton is free from the toxic pesticides that are used to protect and grow the plant while they use organic ones instead, which is beneficial for the land, local community and finally the consumer.

Blue and red shirt: Monkee Genes

Chemise: Sandro Paris

Jeans: ‍‍‍Monkee G‍‍‍enes

B‍‍‍racel‍‍‍et: Lost in Samsara

‍‍‍The textile industry and specifically the denim one, as we saw with Back To Eco, impacts negatively on the environment and the people working in that industry. If you want to start Wearing Fair, a pair of jean are always a good option to start with. The fashion revolution starts with the support of customers like you!

As they say, "the perfect pair of blue jeans is the single most important item in your wardrobe so it’s important to get it right", and I couldn't be happier and prouder with my election of jeanswear by Monkee Genes. Besides the logo, which is cool and funny, the comfort of the fabric of the jeans and the feel is great, really soft. They stretch and completely adapt to your shape and fit like a glove, being perfect for a casual look and a for a relaxed day.  

The length of the jeans is perfect, and if you want a crop look you just have to roll them up a bit. Even though my elections where the Organic Classic Skinny Jeans in Mid Wash and the Organic Flex Skinny Jeans in Grey Wash, they have a wide election of styles and colors in jeans; as well as chinos, shorts, jackets and shirts (look at the pictures of the wonderful ‍‍‍Stripe T-Shirt, all organic of course).

Monkee Genes‍‍‍


Monkee Genes, the sofisticated and or‍‍‍ganic denim.


Nature is a pure balance, which we all need to protect. Profit above respect is man at his ignorant best.




Phil Wildbore